I´m in Lima!

February 2, 2008

After a nice flight where I was fed on a regular basis (before everyone else as I had booked a vegetarian meal!) and watched a lot of films, I arrived in Lima.  I was met at the airport by a member of staff at the school and one of the school´s drivers, in one of the school´s mpvs.  I was taken to one of the houses owned by the school and left to sleep off my jet lag.

I woke up this morning at 7 am local time, to the sound of foreign birdsong, feeling like it was mid-morning so I got up (don´t laugh!).  Had a nice relaxing breakfast, met the gap year student and we went out to explore (via ´Wongs´ supermarket to buy water and sun lotion…)  We found the sea and had lunch in a posh restraunt (all you can eat buffet for about £7).  We then went for a wander and stumbled upon this internet cafe.  Seemed like too good an opportunity to miss to update my blog…

 Hope those of you still in England are enjoying the sleet, blizzards and high winds – it´s lovely here, warm, nice sea breeze, a little humid, but not too oppressive.  A little sun burned already…

 They´ve arranged for us to go to a BBQ at another teacher´s house tomorrow and meet some of the other staff informally, which should be nice.  Then I have a week of Spanish lessons, meeting Interpol, filling in forms and meeting the estate agents to help me find my own place 🙂

 The weekend sees the start of the ´Round Square´ conference where I will get a chance to get involved in some kind of aid work with the poor communities in Lima and help rebuild a school in one of the areas hit by the earthquake in August.  Looking forward to it.



  1. Jealous already . . .
    we haven’t even had enough snow for a snowman

  2. Actually it’s been sunny warm and full of tropical antelope here . . .

  3. Hurrah! Glad you hear you made it, thanks for updating. The blizzards have now stopped here but it is pretty chilly still. Orbit is fine (but still a bit scabby), we’ll sort out sending you some photos. Incidentally, does he usually sit on the edge of the bath…??

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