House hunting.

February 8, 2008

After today’s Spanish lesson we (The Bocks and me) were taken to look at some properties by a local estate agent.  There were a couple of really nice places at reasonable rents, but unfortunately they were all a long way from school (up to a 20 min drive!) so aren’t really any good.  Still there is a month yet before the school stop paying for my accommodation so plenty of time to find something!  My favourite by far was in a complex that had a games area (table tennis and table football etc.) a childrens play area, a pool, sauna, squash court and gym included in the rent!  It was the furthest from school though and not really near the good shops etc.  There is still the hope of sharing – the teacher with the spare room gets back from holiday tomorrow so hopefully I’ll know by the weekend!

In the meantime I have been moved out of the school house – apparently it’s quite rare here still for men and women to share houses unless they’re married, so me sharing with 2 young men was not ideal (I wasn’t complaining!) and so they have moved me into a ‘local’ hotel.  I’m stealing internet as and when I can get an unsecure WiFi connetion so it’s not to bad :p  the room’s big, ensuite and has cable TV, but no tea and coffee making facilities.  Apparently breakfast is included so I’ll have to get up doubly early tomorrow to take advantage of it and to make sure I’m in school on time – the hotel is a lot further from school than the school houses are!

The main disadvantage of the hotel is I’m now on my own without 2 nice young men to look after me!  This meant I had to go out and find tea on my own this evening.  After a short wander I found a nice park with shops and cafes around it and had (with some trepidation following recent stomach upsets) seafood stew with rice and beans, which was delicious.  I had a wander round the park and then thought that as it was dark and my spanish is minimal I ought to get back to the hotel!  I came back via a chemist, who happily sold me an asthma inhaler without a prescription for less than the prescription charge in the UK – excellent!


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  1. Hi Cally – glad to hear you’re finding your feet. Good luck with the househunting, and let me know if you want me to send you teabags in the post!

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