A new Home!

February 14, 2008

I have officially checked out of the hotel Ariosto and moved into my new apartment!  I am sharing with a New Zealander named Dianna Basset who is head of lower school.  Unfortunately she is leaving in July so I will have to look for another place then (or possibly get someone else to share here – we’ll see when the time comes!). It’s a fantastic apartment – 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, lovely fitted kitchen with all the mod cons, huge lounge and balcony overlooking the park and even what are considered to be large maid’s quarters (if you have a maid that lives in). On top of all that, its location is fantastic too – about 5 min walk from school, and a similar distance from shops, banks etc.  My room is large – probably a bit bigger than my front room in Hull – and is complete with built in wardrobes/shelves/drawers that are currently half empty (but not for long I wouldn’t have thought – I’ve already had to buy more hot weather clothes since I’ve been here as I didn’t have enough with me).  I’m paying $500 a month which includes all bills, internet and a maid 3 times a week.  This is a bargain as I’m probably going to have to pay about $700 for a place of my own, plus bills, plus maintenance charge (all apartment blocks have a front desk with security/handyman and cleaners for the communal areas).  I have unpacked, done some washing (what luxury!), done my Spanish homework for tomorrow and got on the internet legitimately without stealing WiFi from anyone – bliss…


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