Maid in Lima?

February 16, 2008

Living in a really posh appartment overlooking the park has been a bit of a culture shock in itself, but nothing compared to the strangeness of having a maid.  The amount of dust in Lima does mean that if you don’t want black feet within seconds of geting out of the shower you need to clean the floors at least every other day, similarly everything needs dusting a lot, however these are the least of the maid’s duties.  

I knew we had a maid that came in 3 times a week, but I assumed she just came in to clean the floors and dust, so this morning, when I couldn’t find the clean clothes I had hung out to dry earlier in the week, I was plesently surprised to find them ironed and hung up neatly in my wardrobe!  There is still a bit of me that feels like I am betraying my working class roots though.

Still, when you are in a country with such appalling poverty, and you are earning massivly more than the average wage I supose you ought to employ as many people as you can.  If you are middle class Peruvian the maid does EVERYTHING – cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, takes your dogs for walks, looks after your children etc.  They prefer working for gringos as they don’t have to do as much for their money and they tend to get better bonuses too!  If it gets my ironing and washing up done I’m sure I’ll get used to it!


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