Mi Casa.

February 18, 2008

Now I’ve settled in a bit I thought I’d write a proper description of my new place and show you some pictures.view from lounge onto balcony As with all houses round here security is paramount, apparently the scale of it isn’t really necessary now, but in the late 80s when the Shining Path were prominent it was.  There are 2 doors to get through to get into the lobby (both with different keys) although the second door is usually open when the security man is in.  To get to the lift you have to walk past the desk of the security man (as he is also the handy man he isn’t always there, but he’s always around somewhere nearby).  The weirdest thing for me is that the lift opens straight into the appartment (with a third key).  In case of fire or earthquake, when you can’t use the lift, there is also a back door (yet another key) that goes onto the stairs. 

The main room in the appartment is lovely – it is the complete width of the appartment and faces the balcony with its view of the park.  I can sit for ages just watching the many different bird going about their business.  I’m starting to get very frustrated that I don’t know what they all are – there is some kind of bird of prey nesting in one of the trees opposite which is cool!  I imagine a ‘birds of Lima’ section of the blog developing shortly.  The loungeBecause the room is entirely glass fronted it is really light and airy and we have the balcony doors open most of the time to try and get a draught through.  The balcony is great too – it only gets direct sunshine in the early morning (which is the only time it’s cool enough to want to be in the sun!) and has a great view of the park.  There’s a BBQ, plants in pots and a nice set of table and chairs out there too!  It’s very relaxing to sit out there eating your tea, watching the birds, or the joggers and other people in the park.

 The kitchen is very modern for Peru (from what I’ve seen in other appartments). It has an island in the centre which has a The kitchen and dining areagas hob and extractor fan along with numerous draws and cupboards, then around te outside are a built in cooker and microwave, stainless steel double sinks and more cupboard space than either of us can reach (which considering the average Peruana is a good 5 inches shorter than me makes you wonder who designed the kitchen really!).  At the back of the kitchen is the door out onto the ‘utility room’ which has another door into the ‘maid’s room’ which, as our maid doesn’t live in, just houses the ironing, and various cleaning bits and bobs.

In the back half of the house is an area that my flatmate uses as an office –View from the balcony A lot of Peruvian houses seem to have this kind of thing – a large ish space between rooms, I’m not entirely sure what it’s for, but most ex-pats seem to use it as a TV/comfy sitting room or play area if they have kids.  Her bedroom is complete with ensuite bathroom and walk in wardrobe (which must be about the same size as my bathroom in Hull), next to that is the spare room (which is still large enough to get a double bed in) and opposite that is ‘my’ bathroom.  Finally, at the back of the house  is my room.

 It’s a nice big room, really light and airy, and has more wardrobe space than I know what to do with (although the idea of buying more clothes has crossed my mind…)My bedroomMy bedroom windowThe view from my bedroom window


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