A tale of two churches.

February 24, 2008

Last weekend I attended the Union Church of Lima (http://www.unionchurchoflima.com/) It was OK – the people were very lovely, friendly and helpful, and a number of people from school (including the head) go there. It seemed very familiar to someone who had come from a low anglican church in England, which was the problem I think! I came away thinking that it wouldn’t be too bad if that’s where I ended up going, but that I’d really prefer something a little livelier and less traditional if it was avaliable. I wasn’t too hopeful – I was thinking I really ought to be grateful that there was a service in English!

Today I went to Flamingo Road Church (http://www.flamingoroadchurch.com/lima-campus) which was a very different experience. The church meets in the auditorium of a cinema and have a live worship band, playing contemporary music, through a good sound system with decent lighting and words on the big screen. The sermon is also projected onto the big sceen. The prayers were more spontaneous and people actually looked like they may be enjoying themselves… all in all a more positive and involving experience of church! I’m sure at some point I’ll get over the typical English prejudice that people preaching with an American accent are only after your money (on which note – using popcorn containers as a collection ‘plate’ is a new one on me!) especially if the sermons continue to be as good as today’s. I think I may have found my new church here…


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