We’ll weather the weather…

February 24, 2008

I am living in the driest capital city in the world. It averages 0.7cm of rain a YEAR. Hence my surprise yesterday to find myself walking home in the rain looking at a rainbow. It isn’t really what I’d call rain – more a light summer shower (but with nice big fat rain drops). rain viewThe locals seemed to think it was some kind of storm. As I walked across the usually bustling park, keeping my eyes open for joggers and other weird health freaks (no offence meant Erica…), I noticed a complete dearth of activity. Apparently the drizzle was too much for them. In their defence, when it rains here the pavements become a slippery deathtrap – a combination of dust, oil and plant sap I think! What was fun was watching the cars driving about – half of them don’t have working windscreen wipers, and those that do don’t know where they are or how to use them!

It was lovely to see a rainbow. Rainbow over LimaI was just starting to get a bit homesick and wonder what I’d let myself in for – it had been a long week and I’d had to try and take on board LOADS of information about school policy, the department, what I was teaching, the MASSIVE school intranet and use of computers in lessons (the pupils I’ll teach don’t have exercise books – they get given a laptop at the start of year 9 and take that to lessons with them). I was feeling a little intimidated, a little out of my depth and then there, completely unexpectedly, and almost unheard of in Lima, was a reminder of God’s promise that everything will be OK. Just what I needed really! The picture of the rainbow isn’t all that clear, but you can just about make it out if you try…


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  1. I was in Cambodia a month ago, supposedly the dry-season there and it rained for one day. It hadn’t rained for four months till then.

    If you get bored with Peru, then consider Cambodia (or Laos, which I really liked).


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