Vermilion Flycatcher

March 23, 2008


Pyrocephalus rubinus. The picture shows the male (I haven’t seen a female yet – they’re similar to the males, but have a white throat. There is also a melanic form which I haven’t seen either!). According to my bird book (which is in spanish, so I could be wrong!) they are VERY terratorial and have been known to attack their own reflections! They nest in trees and build cup shaped nests into which they lay 2 – 4 white eggs (which may have brown spots on them). They incubate the eggs for 14 – 23 days. They eat insects which they catch in flight (which you’d expect really if you’d read the name – ‘The Vermilion flycatcher – does exactly what it says in the tin…’).  They are really very pretty and also sing a nice song morning and evening (as you’d expect from a territorial bird I suppose).


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