Teaching in a zoo…

March 24, 2008

As a teacher you sometimes feel like you’ve accidently walked into a zoo and not a classroom. In my case I might have… I thought I’d put up some photos of school and the zoo for those of you who either don’t have Facebook or can’t look at my profile because I don’t want to be your friend…

My room is nice, bright and stays cool for most of the day . I have already got some work up on the walls but, with 7 lessons per class a week I’m already behind with the key word lists – they may need a rethink.


The zoo is located behind my room. It has a pond with terrapins, many rabbits, 3 scarlet macaws, 2 red masked parakeets, a wild West Peruvian Dove that managed to get into the aviary but can’t get out, 2 tortoises, and a ferret. I have no idea what happened to the gunea pigs that they had the first week I was there. I haven’t dared ask…



To the side of my classroom is another cage which usually contains 2 squirrel monkeys and a spider monkey named Lucy. The spider monkeys are allowed out sometimes as they don’t go too far and come back eventually. Lucy is only allowed out on a lead as she runs off and goes places she shouldn’t. It is an interesting sight to see a small Markham student being taken for a walk by a wooly black monkey on a lead!


Another great thing about the school is the staff room. Not only is it a nice place to work or relax, it also has a fairly large kitchen area, with 4 microwaves, a big fridge freezer and sink, plates, mugs, etc (but oddly no teaspoons…). It has a TV with cable, lockers for each memebr of staff, decent toilets with nice showers, and the usual printer (which your laptop is wirelessly networked to), photocopier, guillotine, binding machine etc. As if that wasn’t enough it also has an area, that as of 4pm each evening magically becomes a bar selling beer and wine! At break time and lunch some of the obreros come with trays of coffee, milk, sugar and clean mugs and there is an outside catering man who comes at break with a selection of food including fresh fruit salad (breakfast – so healthy and so nice!), and sandwiches for lunch. He also has a ‘daily special’ lunch thing, which is a pot of food containing lunch. It’s different every day, but usually involves meat/chicken, rice/potatoes/Yukka and veg so I’ve eaten really healthily lately – I’ve even known what some of it is… For the service of bringing me both breakfast and lunch he charges S/ 9.50 (it’s about 6 sol to the pound…) which is worth every centino!


Better get to bed really – need to be up at 6 as school starts at 0730 and I like to be there at about 0645. There’s always coffee in the pot when I get there too – I really do love this school (even if I will end up with RSI and bad eyes from all the computer use!)


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  1. Very, very jealous of the staffroom…….

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