Jungle diaries day 8 ish

June 10, 2008

The colpa was slightly disappointing on the macaw front but we saw a number of other birds. When we got back for breakfast one of the biology kids looked at me in utter pity and said ‘you had to go to the colpa again, how boring! You’ve already been twice…’ They have absolutely no idea at all how awesome this opportunity is!


After breakfast I went with a group into the terra firme forest (the bit that doesn’t flood). We had 2 guides with us, one of the more experienced guides (Claudia) and another guide who has not worked on our school trip before. Once she had been shown the best part of the forest for the activity and the kids had started quadrating, Claudia and I went off on our own. It was FANTASTIC, we saw loads of birds, including 2 white throated jacamar, blue throated guan, flycatchers, a smooth billed anis, some song birds and a puff bird of some sort. The white throated Jacamar are only found in this area of peru and nowhere else in the whole world – how cool! We also got a SUPERB view of the macaws. We also saw some fresh Jaguar poo (there weren’t many dung beetles there yet…) and some rather nice fresh tapir footprints.

blue throated piping guan

Lunch was followed by an hours nap and another foray into the forest. I felt absolutely lousy after the short nap and really didn’t want to go out into the jungle with a bunch of noisy students, who argue with each other all the time, however I’m really glad I did! We saw a troop of spider monkeys go past – to see them in the wild is phenomenal – the grace and ease with which they move through the trees, using their tail as an extra limb and the speed is breathtaking. Add to that the cuteness of one of the females who was carrying a baby on her back, unbelievable!

The group were quite slow (and really inaccurate!) with their tree beating and quadrating and it was after dark when we headed back to the lodge. On our way we passed a tarantula nest and saw the babies and adults scuttling to safety – wow!


The night walk after dinner was good too, we saw a tree frog, a number of katydids, crickets, grasshoppers, wolf spiders and some kind of weird insecty/arachnidy type of thing that is not a true spider, but isn’t an insect either. There was also a salamander and no cayman. Iwent staright to bed, and quickly fell asleep, when we got back, fully contented with a sighting packed day!


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