Jungle diaries Day 10

July 12, 2008

Today I made a small error, but nothing too major! The geography kids who do standard level biology left with Geoff and Henry and I was left with the remaining kids who were all filling in their booklets. I went off with 2 of the giudes and 2 of the kids to try using the climbing gear – it was good fun, but VERY hard work. I was glad I only had to go 5m off the ground and didn’t have to go to the top of the tree to check on the macaw nest like the guide did! We also saw a mixed flock of tanagers (Thraupidae family) which included some Paradise tanagers (Tangara chilensis) which are stunningly beautiful, multicolored birds! There were also a couple of curious spider monkeys watching us climb (and presumably laughing at how bad we are at it…)

tree climbing
Me tree climbing

Me tree climbing

tree climbing

After lunch I deceided to let them rest until 3 when we were going to go off on a walk to cut a trail through an area that had become overgrown. We thought the others would be arriving at 6 ish, but they arrived at 3, just as we were about to leave. The guides continued without us, leading to the second problem. We needed the kids to go out in their groups and look for potential design projects. The lack of guides meant that I had to lead one group out for a while to get ideas. It wasn’t too bad really and they came up with some great ideas, but I was constantly terrified that we would come across a dangerous snake or an enraged herd of Peccaries or something dangerous! As it was, we didn’t see much wildlife at all! Just before we set out the taira appeared and 2 of his offspring (cubs, kits? not sure what you call baby taira!) came out of the undergrowth for long enough to get a good look at them – que lindo! We also glimpsed a couple of saddlebacked tamarind in the trees next to the lodge, excellent.



I got to practice a bit of spanish with the local staff today which was nice – typical touristy stuff – job, family, do I like the food in Peru, do I like the jungle etc. but they understood so my accent can’t be too bad! The dynamics are very different now Harry is back, the kids ADORE him and I’m very much 3rd choice (Loki is here now too!)


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