Jungle diaries day 9

July 12, 2008

I can not believe the kids here! I am the first teacher up at 0630 and there are some kids up and working! Amazing! Less amazing are their manners – they take a LONG time to tidy everything away for meals and you have to ask them about 20 times before they do anything. It was amazing how much faster it was when we said they weren’t getting any food until they’d done it properly…

We had a good walk to the palm swamp and back this morning, the group were MUCH better that yesterday and I had plenty of time to talk to the guide, which was lovely. I was still too much of a wuss to go up the tower though. On out way to the swamp we saw a tiny lizard eating a small insect it had just caught, which was nice.

Aguaje palm in the palm swamp

Aguaje palm in the palm swamp

The main species of palm in the palm awamp is the aguaje palm (Mauritia flexuosa) which has tasty fruit liked by the blue and yellow macaws that nest in the trees and also by monkeys. More recently humans have developed a taste for them and have been cutting down the trees to get to the fruit. One of the local projects has been to teach local people how to climb the trees and harvest the fruit sustainably and provide them with the climbing equipment they need to do it. Isn’t conservation wonnderful!

We got back about an hour and a half before lunch, ample time to shower, change, and play a few rounds of cards with Geoff before they all went to do a LONG transect and I did some marking (see – it was work, not a holiday…) to the deafening sound of “Macaw Wars” going on in on of the trees – at least 4 pairs of scarlet macaws were fighting over a nest hole in the tree behind the lodge. As I’m used to the sound of screaming macaws while I’m trying to work (there are some in the mini zoo behind my classroom) I managed to
get my marking finished just before it got dark and the geography kids returned.


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  1. Very interesting Cally, glad you are having a good time. You couldn’t have done that in Hull could you. Sorry that Newcastle are in such a mess. Lost again today, 5 times on the run. Love Pearl x

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