Jungle Diaries – 13th May

July 28, 2008

The 0445 start for the Colpa made last nights decision to do the night walk seem very foolish – still, it was worth it to see the tarantulas…

The colpa was good – not as sunny as last week, but pleanty of good views, and as the kids weren’t that interested I got to use the telescope a lot and saw loads of different birds including; mealy parrots, dusky headed parrots, orange cheeked parrots (which are absolutely beautiful) and a couple of woodpeckers and a flock of orupendula.

After breakfast I went out with the mammals group looking for mammals or signs thereof (and socretea trees – the group’s project was to see if there was any relationship between the perimeter of the roots and the height of the tree. You see – it is a science trip and not just a great holiday…) We didn’t see any mammals (although some peccaries saw us and scarpered before we got to them 😦 ) but we did find some trumpeter birds, some dung beetles and LOTS of socratea trees.

Trumpeter birds

Trumpeter birds

After lunch I fell asleep in the hammock. I woke up to find all of the kids had gone on their second activity so I went to bed and woke up about half an hour before dinner, just in time to download some of my pictures onto Harry’s laptop before eating.

Weird caterpillar

Weird caterpillar

After dinner I went out to look at the insects and saw a couple of species I hadn’t seen before including a beautiful white moth, only about 2 cm across, that looked like it had been edged with gold leaf! Nature throws up the most amazing things really when you think about it!


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