Jungle diaries – 14th May

July 30, 2008

A very disappointing colpa – plenty of birds around, but they were nervous and didn’t come onto the clay. The lack of a telescope and getting stung by a STUPID bee that had crawled up my trouser leg and then got stuck didn’t help matters either! There were a couple of beautiful flashes when the birds got spooked by a vulture and a muscovy duck (neither of which predate macaws…) We also saw violaceous jays, orupendulas, a nun bird and heard a flycatcher.



After a well needed shower and breakfast we had an hour to doss about and I got talking to some Aussie tourists and had a look at their photos. They don’t seem too hacked off that there are 20 kids ‘ruining’ their dream holiday, which is great really!

We then went to the bowl with Harry to look for caymen. We found them, but couldn’t catch any! We saw some other great wildlife on the way there and back. The battle between the Golden Orb Spider and a random wasp for the corpse of the dragon fly was enthralling – a rare sight indeed. In the end the inevitable happened and the spider, irritated past endurance by the wasp, shot some silk at it and wound it up to save for postre… We also got very close to a couple of curious dusky titi monkeys and came across fresh evidence of anteater activity.

Golden orb spider

Golden orb spider

At the bowl itself, besides the myriad of dragonflies, damselflies, sandflies and other miscellaneous fly-type things, we saw a pair of tiger herons, some Spinx’s guan, a lizzard, and what may have been a cardinal bird. We also saw a beautiful orupendula and a pair of bright green, small birds that were a gorgeous metallic colour and are as yet unidentified. Perhaps a green kingfisher or a honey creeper. I favout the latter, Harry the former…

Dusky Titi monkey

Dusky Titi monkey

On returning to the lodge I spotted a largeish (30 cm mas o menos) lizzard under the boot removal place. It ran as soon as it saw us, but was pretty non the less.


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