Dreaming of a white Christmas?

December 21, 2009

My next visit to Europe is under way.  I am currently sat in the airport at Amsterdam waiting for them to call my delayed connection to Madrid.  So far it’s 2 hours late.  This is probably a good thing as the flight from Lima was late too.  It’s all a knock on effect from the snow in Northern Europe (which Anna assures me is not going to fall where she is.  As I only have one jumper and one waterproof jacket with me it’s probably a good thing…)

The flight from Lima was fun as always.  Made all the more delightful as there was a Peruvian family with 2 small children (and the nanny in uniform) behind me, and a large man, who snored loudly and passed wind constantly, sat next to me. I didn’t really sleep.  I did watch Aladdin though – and finally worked out who Sebastian Ferreyros reminds me of…  I am now completely jet lagged – my body clock is telling me it’s about 11.30 am, but I’m sat looking out into a dark winter’s night!  I really want to sleep and still have to fly to Madrid, navigate the underground and find the hotel.  I am also considering buying Mario Kart and Wii Sing from the airport shop, but don’t think I can get them in my bag just now! Maybe on the way back…


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