The rain in Spain…

December 23, 2009

So, we finally left Amsterdam 4 and a half hours late because of snow on the runway and touched down in Madrid at about midnight.  By the time I’d got my bag, got a taxi (I wasn’t prepared to attempt the metro at that time of night) and got to the hotel I was seriously tired and just got into bed.  5 hours later my alarm went off and I had to get up, shower and get breakfast before catching the train to Madrid.  It turns out that the thing I had forgotton was my toothbrush… what would Chris Evans say?

I love the train – there’s more space than I had on the plane, and they put James Bond on (admittedly in Spanish with no subtitles, but that’s OK – you don’t really need to listen to the dialogue to follow it, you can tell who the baddies are just by looking and a gunfight and car chase are the same in any language!  I actually understood more than I thought I would).  I even got an hours sleep.  It did rain for the entire journey though, and flat, grey, wet fields are not all that inspiring a view.

On arrival in Alicante I walked up to the tram station in the rain, stopping in a cafe for lunch – where else but Spain would you be offered a Tortilla buttie?  Just what I needed!  The tram jouney was enlivened when 3 boys who were obviously stoned out of their trees got on and tried to buy tickets from the on-board machine.  I have never seen people giggle at a ticket machine so much!  Neither had a ever seen such a brilliantly disapproving face as the one on the VERY prim woman sat opposite.  Hillarious!  The view out of the tram was gorgeous though – the coast round here is cliffs and turquoise-blue sea, just beautiful.

I eventually got to Anna’s at 4 pm on Tuesday (having left my house at 4 pm on Sunday and getting about 8 hours sleep in total in between!) sat and listened to Mum talk at me for a bit and then went out for a chinese.  I fell into bed at about midnight and slept for 12 hours – bliss.

Today I have bought a few new clothes (I’m sure I’d packed more t-shirts than were actually in my bag when I unpacked…) and to celebrate mum’s birthday we are having pizza (classy) as none of us can face going out in the cold again!  Who knows what delights tomorrow holds…?  Hopefully it will involve finding somewhere closer to my sister’s house that has free WiFi…


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