Winter blues.

December 31, 2009

The lull between Christmas and new year is always quiet.  This has been one of the quietest I can remember.  Generally days have run from mid-day through to about 1 am for me and have involved a lot of hanging round the house in my pyjamas waiting for mum to decide if she is going to come out and do anything or not.  She has only left the house once since Christmas as far as I can remember (and that was to go out for a Thai meal).  I tend to get bored by about 2 and go out for a walk, mess about on Facebook (I have spoken to quite a few people thanks to Facebook chat!) and get a late lunch.  Anna has come with me a couple of times too and shown me some of the nice eating places to be found in the area.  She also booked an appointment with her hairdresser for me, so I am now the owner of shorter, neater hair.

The weather has been variable.  Yesterday’s glorious sunshine has been replaced by grey clouds and a very blustery wind.  I am very glad of the 10 Euro jumper I bought from the cheap British clothes shop yesterday.  If it wasn’t for the scenery and the weather I might not know I’m in Spain.  I certainly haven’t needed to use any Spanish since I got here – the language I hear most often seems to be Dutch, followed by Russian, English and Norweigian.

The plan for new year is simple.  Go to Jan’s restraunt (Anna’s boyfriend is the chef/owner) then a pub crawl of the local bars.  Classy…  Hopefully mum will be able to walk herself home, but I’m not holding my breath!  I imagine there will be more Karaoke too.  My plan for after new year is to go to Portugal to see Jason and Maxine.  I doubt I’ll get to the UK, it just seems too complicated!  As it is I’ll probably have to spend a couple of days in Salamanca on the way (as noone in Spain seems to know what happens to public transport once you cross the Portuguese border) but It’ll be nice to get some peace and quiet!  Mum has decided she’s not going to come with me, she’ll probably stay in the house playing her DS game in her pyjamas…

I hope everyone has a happy New Year 😀 and hopefully I’ll see some more of you in 2010!


One comment

  1. Happy New Year! If I’d known you were at a loose end I’d have roped you in to come and help decorate the office. During this process Orbit learned to walk over polythene dust sheets without scaring himself with the noise. Which is great but cats are not exactly an asset when you’re trying to wallpaper …

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