I am hoping this site makes it easy, for those of you that want to, to keep up with what I’m doing on my big adventure into foreign abroad land. You never know – I may get around to updating it regularly!

The Picture at the top of the blog will probably change. Currently it is a picture I took  in the rainforest.  It is a dusky titi monkey (Callicebus moloch) that I saw from the lodge.



  1. I am looking at the pics of your apartment and wondering if you are missing me enough for me to to make a mercy dash out there to comfort you, or whatever? Failing that, as you already have a maid, maybe I could be your personal bird identifier?

  2. Hi Cally ! enjoyed reading your blog. Did you recieve the last email I sent you ? probably about a month ago ? God Bless. Love Pearl

  3. Hi Cally ! Just wishing youi a very Happy Easter. aDIOS aMIGO ! lOVE pEARL AND hOPKIN XX

  4. Cally ! I emailed you to zsee when you are visiting Chester but you did not reply. Did you get it. Love Pearldid not reply ! Did you get the email ? Love Pearl

  5. Hi Cally-all this time I thought you’re name was clara lol. You probably remember me from south holderness,I was the annoying one who wouldn’t shut up when I knew the answers. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’ve been reading some of you’re posts. Sounds like you’re enjoying Peru-I personally would have ran to alaska at the site of a tarantula’s nest. Also, I was in hysterics for about half an hour when I read about the whole dolls and teddybears school thing. I’m sure all the kids in peru are benefitting from you’re services-I know we all did. How long did you say you were staying in Peru? 3 years? Heck of a bold move to say the least. Anyways I’m starting to blabber. Just thought I’d let you know I found the website and wish you all the best. 🙂

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